Become a Miccraft Donor!

If you are considering becoming a Miccraft Donor, this post will help you choose a package that fits your budget and playing style. All donations are greatly appreciated, big and small. In return we have some perks for you. Please take some time and explore the options. Our goal is to add meaningful benefit to donors, without creating a large disadvantage to the community who can't or does not wish to donate. In that respect we have some great new ideas for our donors that will benefit everyone in-game. 

Here's why we have a donation page at all: 

First many of our fans have requested a means to help the server and improve their gaming experience. From claiming land to cooldown bypassing, Donor's have some great perks. 

Secondly, we just need help to ease the financial burden of running a minecraft server. Currently the owner (tnt996) have fronted the money to get this server off the ground and become the popular server it is today. 

Last, some of the results of accepting donations. We first launched this server from a personal computer, it worked... but there was no tech support standing by 24/7, and the resources were not dedicated to the server. When the server was finally ready for the masses, we rented a dedicated server with only 2gb of ram and launched the miccraft vanilla server. Many upgrades later thanks to our donors, we now boast a dedicated server including super fast bandwidth and 24/7 tech support. All thanks to the Donors. 

So donate with pride, because our accomplishments are yours. 

With all our thanks, and gratitude: